Greatest ideas for painting your teenager’s bedroom

Thinking of painting your teenager’s bedroom? Their tastes and preferences might seem a little weird to you, but they deserve to have their own personal space just the way they want it. If you’re looking for ideas, here are some tips to stimulate your imagination when deciding to paint your house next time.

honour their favourite colours

Never go on to paint your teenager’s bedroom however you like it; make sure to ask them exactly what colours they want. If they have a favourite colour and want that to be the theme of the bedroom, then try to come up with a plan surrounding that colour. You can choose to combine various shades of the colour for a better look, like pastel blue, cobalt blue, and indigo.

If your teenager has more than one favourite colour, then try to get them all together. You might think that all colours don’t match well side by side, but there’s definitely a way to work it out. You might feel reluctant to go with unconventional colours like black, but don’t worry, it’s also possible to paint the room black without making it gloomy.

reflect their personal tastes

Your teenager will spend most of their time in the bedroom, so it should feel like their own personal haven, which is impossible if their personality isn’t reflected in the interior. They might have different hobbies. Try to incorporate them in interior design.

For example, if they’re passionate about music, you can paint designs surrounding music notes and musical instruments. If they prefer literature, you can go for their favourite quotes across the walls. Whatever they want themselves to be surrounded with!

Keep space for posters and decor

Young people love hanging posters of their favourite celebrities and fictional characters on their bedroom walls. You can decide on a specific wall to hang all these posters on and do the designs on all the other walls except it. After all, the posters will cover the majority of the wall, so there is no use decorating it with various designs and patterns.

So painting that wall a single colour that goes with the rest of the room will be enough. This will help you save costs and focus more on decorating the remaining walls.

Try using geometrical designs

Is your child someone who doesn’t like things to be too complicated? If floral prints or other complex designs are not their cup of tea and end up overwhelming them, you can go for

geometrical shapes instead. Again, if they want something more unique and eye-catching, if they enjoy patterns and symmetry, then this is also something that can work out.

The best thing about geometrical designs is that you can choose the level of complexity you want, which will depend on how many shapes there are in how many ways. Your family can go wild with creativity when coming up with a suitable design.

Matching colours for the furniture

Colour-coordinating all the objects inside the bedroom will give it a perfect, complete look. Nothing will seem out of place; everything will fit in perfectly. If the bedroom is painted with light colours like baby pink or baby blue, the bed, vicinity table, study table, wardrobe etc., can also be painted with similar light colours or simply white, which goes well with just about everything. If the palette is brown, then paint won’t be needed if the furniture is wooden.

As you can see, at the end of the day, the bedroom should be exactly how your child likes it!

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