How to Find a Painter? A Complete Guide

how to find a painter in Perth, WA

You have decided to put a fresh coat of paint but don’t know a single thing about painting houses or paint for that matter and looking to find a painter to do it for you.

So, you jump on the internet to find a house painter near you. You then realise, after feeding Google the search keywords, that there are a whole lot of painters in your area (2 KMs away from you anxiously waiting for you to contact them, Lol).

Jokes apart, it can be challenging to find a qualified painter because there are so many possibilities.

You can pick a quality painter by looking at your credentials and experience. Besides, you can look at online reviews and request recommendations.

In this article, I’ll go over the knowledge you should learn to pick a good painter.

In this article

Skilled & Qualified Painters?

Ask yourself a question.

Do I need to find a painter that is skilled and qualified? This question will save you time reading the rest of this article.

To answer it, simply look at what are thinking of painting.

If it is a meter-wide part of the fence, then you probably don’t, just get some paint and brushes from Bunnings, mix them and start applying. Save yourself money.

If you want to paint your living room, or maybe paint the roof of your house, then hire a qualified painter to do it professionally.

Due to the vast number of possibilities, finding a qualified painter might be difficult.

Nonetheless, it is imperative to work with a skilled painter because it can greatly impact the general look and feel of your home or place of business.

Furthermore, hiring professionals ensures that your painting project will be finished accurately and to the highest standards.

An expert painter will have the abilities, know-how, and equipment required to correctly prepare and paint surfaces, resulting in a long-lasting and flawless finish.

To protect you from any potential accidents or damages during the painting process, professional painters, whether commercial or residential, are also licensed and insured.

In short, if it is a significant part of your dwelling then you do need a skilled and qualified painter.

So, if you have decided to go with a skilled and qualified painter then keep reading to find out how to select the right one.

How do I Find a Painter?

Painting projects can range widely in size, complexity, and cost. There’s a chance you think all painters are the same. After all, all they are using is a roller and a brush.

To put it simply, you must locate a skilled painter to take on your project because of their knowledge and competence! I’ll provide you with all the information you need to know about how to find a painter.

1. Qualifications and Experience

It is essential to confirm that the potential painter or painting company has the skills and experience necessary to complete the project to a high standard when you are trying to hire a painter.

One approach to achieving this is to search for painters who have a good reputation and have been in the business for a long time.

Asking for references and looking at samples of their prior work are two more effective ways to accomplish this.

You’ll be able to tell from this what level of ability to anticipate and whether or not they have a history of meeting deadlines.

Look for painters who have a track record of delivering high-quality work on time and under budget. Furthermore, they must be able to provide references and examples of their prior work.

2. Review Sites on the Internet

Local painters rely heavily on word-of-mouth from their previous customers. Building a solid reputation in the community helps them retain clients because they are there for a long time.

Zee & his team did a brilliant job of painting my parents home. We needed a quick turnaround time with the paint job before move in date, and the team were able to accommodate us. Zee was extremely helpful with all the questions we had and helped us when it came to choosing colours of walls. I would recommend City Painters to anyone

Holly, on Google Reviews

Meanwhile, well-known painting businesses with several locations frequently rely on good internet evaluations and ratings.

Examine their social media profiles and pay attention to what people are saying in the comments. The quality of their work should then be generally agreed upon.

Verify Reviews Websites like Truelocal, Hipages, and Google Online Reviews are excellent resources for finding local Australian contractors. The quality of their work is mostly determined by word of mouth.

So if you are out and about to find a painter for your next project, look them up on social and review sites to see what others have to say about their work.

3. Ask for Recommendations

Asking those who have recently had their homes painted for recommendations is one approach to identifying a dependable and trustworthy painter.

Get referrals from friends, family, and neighbours. They have firsthand experience with the painter’s services and are qualified to comment on the calibre of their labour.

A good sign that a painter is dependable and trustworthy is that if they are pleased with the work they have done, they will probably recommend them to you.

4. License to Paint

Another crucial step is ensuring the person or business you select to paint your home is duly licensed and registered.

You could also request to see documentation of their credentials and experience.

A painting contractor with a license has obtained the appropriate credentials and adhered to all the requirements established by the government, making them legally permitted to work in your community. Also, they are more likely to act professionally and to be better knowledgeable about the field and construction laws.

The registered painters proudly display their registration numbers on the vehicles, business cards and other marketing materials. For example, you will see our REGO (101159) everywhere.

When comes to warranties both our commercial painting and house painting services in Perth, come with 5 years of workmanship warranty. We are also accredited by popular brands like Dulux Australia.

5. Social Skills

Painting requires more than just technical expertise.

The ability to follow instructions completely depends on the painter’s ability to communicate clearly and effectively. At the meeting, pay close attention to the painter’s interactions and consider these questions:

  1. Is their behaviour appropriate, i.e., do they say things that aren’t proper?
  2. When they respond to my questions, are they patient?
  3. Do they provide you with a justification for their choices, or do they assume you would take their word for it?

You will be able to see the possibility of working with them while speaking with them.

So next time, when you are out to find a painter, pay attention to how patient they are, is the information they provide accurate or exaggerated or would you be able to tolerate them for the next week every single day?

6. Insurance Protection

If something goes wrong, insurance will cover both you and the painter.

For instance, your painter’s insurance would provide coverage if they were hurt while working. The same applies to any harm to your property or the property of your neighbour.

Verify that they at least have general liability insurance. Every professional painter ought to have this, which is the absolute minimum.

When painting houses, anything can go wrong.

7. Clear and Comprehensive Estimate

Materials needed, a project schedule, and associated costs should all be included in an estimate. They consist of the start-up costs for the project, the removal of dangerous materials, and other unplanned costs.

Although verbal agreements and a firm handshake are wonderful, you can be out of luck if you end up being charged extra for something that wasn’t originally agreed upon.

Both parties should be protected by a written agreement that outlines all the terms of the project and the associated fees. Ask questions and receive clarification if any charges are unclear.

8. Clarify your expectations and what you want

Yes, to find a painter that would meet your expectations will also ask you to meet their expectations.

One of the major dilemmas we face with our customers is clarity.

Sadly, many paying customers aren’t clear on the type of paint or outcome they want.

They can have a job description that simply says, “Paint the walls,” but what they really wanted was a faux marble finish.

Painters will perform their tasks in accordance with their judgment rather than what they actually desire if you don’t make your expectations clear.


Do not haste into things. Now that your search to find a painter is complete, it is time to double-check things. Here is a list of things you could double-check with your new painter.

  1. Along with checking the aforementioned boxes, be sure to examine their work samples and genuinely inquire about the warranties they offer for their workmanship.
  2. Verify the items they use and their justifications. Your painter ought to have the experience and expertise necessary for the job.
  3. To finish your project, a skilled painter will make an investment in high-quality paints and equipment and stay current with methods and technology.
  4. You may learn more about their standards and the areas in which they have worked on projects by looking through their portfolio of work.

Here are a few reasons why picking the best painting contractors might be a smart choice:

    • Top-notch finishing increases value.

    • Choose the appropriate aesthetic for your space.

    • Safety at work and insurance

    • Finding and fixing problems

The most valuable investment you have made is in your home or in your business. Superior management and attention are required. One approach to managing and enhancing your house is to paint it. Nevertheless, hiring the best painter available is strongly advised over hiring an inexpensive painter when it comes to painting. The following are some drawbacks you’ll encounter if you settle for less.

  1. Painting may not be secure.
  2. Picking an inexpensive painter could result in an expensive error.
  3. Poorly Made Products
  4. They lack the required expertise.

Beyond certification, one can still be qualified. Always pay attention to how they train their employees, their emergency plans, what paints they use, and how they remain on top of new technological developments, trends, and practices. So reevaluate the painter’s standing.

Any painter who is worth their salt most certainly has a portfolio of previous work. It allows them to showcase their finest work and gives you a preview of what is to come.

It’s only a guarantee that your painter is a washout if they have a portfolio.

Seasoned painters have completed the majority of painting projects. They have also encountered the most typical and difficult problems related to home painting.

As you may imagine, a professional painter adds tremendous value. Even without their experience, they are worth hiring.

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