What are the best colors for a bedroom?

The bedroom is considered one of the most private and personal areas of the house, and therefore, it must be designed and appropriately decorated. Besides giving importance to several factors like bed and furniture, the primary factor that deserves equal consideration is the room’s walls. Selection of the bedroom paint color and getting it done by residential painters in Perth WA can be a daunting task as many factors need to be considered.

Important factors when choosing a bedroom paint color

Painting your bedroom is a crucial part of interior décor. You have to put a lot of time and thinking because choosing the wrong color might cause too many unnecessary costs. You also have to select professional painters in Perth to get the job done the way you want.

  • Consider the size of your bedroom

The most crucial factor that you have to consider is your bedroom size. A small bedroom might look smaller if the walls are painted in a dark color by painters WA. Light and neutral colors would be the ideal selection for a small bedroom. In the case of a large bedroom, you have a choice to experiment with bright color hues.

  • Decide the feel you want to create

It depends on what you want to create, as it could be a romantic, relaxed, sober, and sophisticated atmosphere to something else. Every color shade creates a different feel and mode, as green is linked to nature, whereas red and pink represent passion and romance.

  • Consider the style and color scheme

The best way to narrow down a color scheme is by considering the color of your current furniture and furnishings. The color of your wall must match the décor of the room for a great look.

  • More color with accents

Nowadays, a bedroom that has a single color looks quite dull, but it doesn’t mean that you should make use of a palette of colors. The best way to add color is by accent pieces or accent walls. You might paint an accent wall in a different color or introduce colorful accent pieces.

Bedroom color schemes

Choosing a bedroom color scheme is very important when deciding how you want your bedroom to make you feel. It might reflect your love of color, a new trend, or lifting soothing whites and neutrals with a new shade. The following bedroom color schemes can be inspiring.

  • Pale green

When we are stressed, we want to reduce visual noise ultimately. When you use tranquil colors, it melts the walls away and reconnects you with nature. This particular shade could well be the key to your better night’s sleep.

  • Charcoal grey

Charcoal grey is a tried-and-tested palette, and this trend shows no sign of fading shortly. You can explore this color palette’s many depths by layering the tones to create a scheme that may look considered and cohesive.

  • Tones of teal

You can choose teal paint as your base color to make your room feel sumptuous. By painting the wardrobes, cupboard, or fire in the same shade could make them disappear. A headboard in a contrasting color is what makes a real style statement.

  • Simple white

White is a classic and calming color for a bedroom, but you have to keep in mind that simple shouldn’t mean boring. An all-white neutral base will help you change the accent color as your taste may change with time.

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