How Much Do Painters Charge per Hour in Perth: Everything You Need to Know

If you are planning to hire house painters in Perth for your next project, you have to know how much they charge. Some small paint jobs here and there won’t cost much, but more detailed and larger projects can be quite expensive. Painters will always charge you depending on how much labour they have to expend on the project and how much quality you want.

This criterion is not different for painters in Perth either. This article will tell you everything you need to know about a painter’s wage in Perth.

The average charge for painters in Perth

From a general point of view, a painter’s charge in Australia can vary between $65 and $105 per hour. For Perth in particular, the average hourly rate for painters is around $82 to $87.

There are, of course, many factors that affect the rate. Some projects undoubtedly cost more. For example, a regular exterior painting project can cost you $12 to $60 per square meter, and interior painting would be between $3 and $21, whereas a roof paint job as a whole may cost you as much as $2000 to $7000.

Comparison of painters’ charges in Perth with other Australian cities

The estimated average hourly rate of painters in Perth is not too much or too less from other prominent cities of Australia. Sydney shows the highest range of rates, between $74 and $105. Adelaide shows the lowest of $65 to $75. Perth lies somewhere in the middle, alongside Brisbane ($84 to $88) and Melbourne ($79 to $87).

What affects the painters’ charge?

Various factors can fluctuate the amount painters will charge you; for example-

  • Type of service: There are many types of paint jobs. Some are simply painting or repainting, which costs less. But some can include peeling off the previous coatings and doing the whole thing from scratch. If the service requires extensive surface preparation, the cost will increase. If the wallpaper or design you choose is complex, it will also cost more.
  • Paint supplier: If the painters choose and supply the paint themselves, then they will charge you more. In this case, it’s better to let the painters handle it because they will apply their professional knowledge when choosing.
  • Additional services: To improve the overall appearance of your property, you might ask for additional services. It can be special finishes or adding additional layers for better protection. You might also demand a colour consultation service from them to help you decide how to go about the project for the best results. Depending on these demands, the rate will change.
  • Size of property: Naturally, the bigger the size of your property, the more work is to be done. Painters deserve to be paid according to the amount of labour they provide you. Make sure to explain the extent of their job properly before starting.
  • Materials and equipment: Certain materials and equipment are more expensive than others in the market. You can’t avoid spending extra money here and there to get the best result.

Knowing the cost of painters will allow you to adjust your plans to fit your budget.

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