Living Room Paint Colour: Some Trendy and Attractive Painting Ideas

living room paint colour schemes

A quick and simple approach to giving a living room flare and individuality is by painting the walls.

Nothing transforms a room like paint, regardless of whether your living room is a peaceful refuge or a gathering place for your entire family. Check out these fantastic living room paint colour suggestions for some design inspiration.

The purpose of this article is to discuss some eye-catching and trendy colour schemes for your living room, so that next time when you think of painting your house, you have a fair bit of an idea of where to start.

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Choosing Living Room Paint Colour Schemes

The more innovative the paint ideas, the more they can add a special beauty to your living room.

However, you must not go wild and try a colour scheme for your house that would regret in a few week’s time.

It’s time to get creative with colour and transform your space with the aid of a collection of motivating and trendy living room colour ideas, whether you’re looking for living room paint ideas to give your existing space a colourful refresh or are in need of colour inspiration for a completely new design scheme.

Consider the orientation of your room when choosing living room paint colours.

Living rooms with an east or north orientation will require warmer colours than those with a south or west orientation. Similar to well-lit rooms, dimly lit spaces will benefit from lighter hues, unless you purposefully desire to make your living room dark and cosy.

Below is the list of some living room paint colour schemes that I have put together for you to consider.

Vibrant Feature Wall

choosing a living paint colour orange walls

Your preferred colour in various tints will breathe new life into your cosy living space.

In this design, a strong orange is blended with a gentler, pale apricot, followed by a dazzling white.

This design really pushes the envelope, but I don’t object to it! And if you’re the type of person who likes to explore new things, why not do so?

Mustard Yellow

mustard yellow living room paint colour

Mustard yellow is an additional preferred option for your living room paint colour. If you want to design a place similar to this, incorporate earthy hues like cream or chocolate and lots of greenery to balance the tenderness of the yellow.

Jamaican Blue

jamaican blue living room paint colour
A generated concept of Jamaican blue in a living room

Your living room, one of the primary rooms in the house, should be considered a blank canvas for an energetic and upbeat design that embraces your favourite hues and style concepts.

A Jamaican blue backdrop provides a striking contrast to the vibrant room’s combination of vintage and contemporary furnishings. Choosing blue as living room paint colour is soothing and mostly used when commercial spaces are painted.

However, it doesn’t mean you can not or should not be using it as your living room paint colour.

White and Blue

With a variety of lush houseplants, a delicate, pale blue like this looks stunning. Your skirting boards and door frames will also look stylish if you paint them white.

Blue and grey tones

Your living area will feel refined and elegant with grey walls. Moreover, this shade has a tonne of advantages.

Grey is so adaptable and goes with so many various types that it gives the impression that your living space is larger.

The ultimate decision is yours whether to experiment with statement items and flashes of colour or keep things straightforward by sticking to white and grey.

Green Tones

living room paint colour green

Colour experts have chosen green as one of the top colours to choose when select living room paint colour.

Inspired by the natural world, green frequently produces settings that help us feel more at ease, rooted, and connected to our surroundings.

A wide range of hues, from vibrant and daring to calming pastels, complement green well.

People adore using green and cream together because it is a classic colour combination that can provide depth and structure to two important hues. Adding indoor plants to your living space to create a sense of nature is also lovely.

Green living room ideas offer to restore your relationship with nature, and it is said that the colour green arouses sentiments of tranquillity, energy, and fortune.

A Shade of Olive

The colour green is currently highly popular in home decor, and an olive green tint really stands out. With the green walls as a backdrop, pair it with a dark burgundy couch. The two colours work together to create a fashionable, winter getaway-like atmosphere.

Cozy Brown

cozy brown paint colour for living room

An earthy, brown colour scheme is ideal for cosy living room ideas since it follows the timeless interior design trend of drawing inspiration from natural colours.

Decorating with brown can be highly flexible, whether you go for a dark, enveloping shade like the one in the picture above of the beautiful living room created by Studio Indigo.

For a more conventional living room appearance, pair it with deep navy blue or gold. Alternatively, combine it with a more striking accent colour, such as burnt orange or mint green.

When utilised properly, brown can be a hospitable, comforting, and classy colour choice for the home. Brown room ideas are commonly perceived as being uninteresting.

There are a few other factors to keep in mind when choosing and finalising the living room paint colour scheme. Please do understand that it is not a matter of just choosing you must also speak to your painter before going for it.


Setting up a room with lots of colourful contrast will not only result in interior design that feels more distinctive, but it can also result in a bolder, more statement look, infusing the area with life and a startling amount of visual intrigue.

Always go to the colour wheel when using contrasting complementary colours if you’re unclear about where to begin.

Primary Palette

Create a living room paint colour plan based on using primary colours to decorate a classy space that is exciting and lively.

Look to design movements from earlier times like Bauhaus for inspiration. Choose complementary hues to give the colours a more natural tone because they need to be strong without being overly dazzling.

Soft Pastels

Chalky, pastel colours have always been a popular choice for interior design, creating delicate, airy spaces that are comfortable to live in.

These colours can be combined with strong accent colours to create a relaxing, elegant palette, or you can choose one sweet colour for emphasis.

However, its delicate attractiveness truly comes to the fore when combined with stronger pastels, making it ideal for pink living room ideas. Pale tones of rose are firmly establishing themselves as the new neutral of choice in the most trendy of schemes.

So, what is next?

We have been painting houses in Perth, WA since 2015 and worked with hundreds of clients putting hundreds of thousands of painting coatings. So, we always recommend that you find a professional painter and sit down with them before finalising your living room paint colour scheme.

As a homeowner, you are only looking at one aspect of a paint job and all other technical aspects will be looked at by your painter.

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