Do You Know the Best Time of the Year for Interior and Exterior Painting in Perth?

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It’s possible to paint your house, interior and exterior, all year round without facing too much difficulty. However, there are some periods of the year in which painting your house will be more convenient. This depends on the climate factors of your area, specifically the humidity and temperature. Extreme temperatures are typically not ideal for painting.

While the weather does not affect the interior, the exterior definitely is. Though it won’t render the project completely undoable, it will cause several inconveniences for the painters. It might also damage your property to an extent. For residents of Perth, we will talk about the best time of the year to paint your home exterior and interior.

What is the best time to paint a house interior, and why?

There is no best time to paint your home interior because the entire year is the best time! Unless you’re living in a roofless house, the environmental factors won’t have too much impact on the interiors. Whether it’s raining or snowing outside, you can still go on with your interior painting at your own pace comfortably.

However, during humid weather, the humidity can seep into the air of the house through the open windows. This humidity can affect the painting process by increasing the time it needs to dry. That’s why you can choose drier weather to do the painting. However, if you don’t want to wait, simply using a dehumidifier will also do.

What is the best time to paint the house exterior, and why?

Painting your exteriors when it’s too cold outside imposes a risk of the paint having issues adhering and thus peeling off quickly. If it’s the monsoon season, the air will contain too much humidity. As a result, the paint will take a significantly longer time to dry up. It rains a lot during the winter season, specifically between May to September, in Perth, so it won’t be the right time to paint.

Again, when it’s too hot, as in the temperature rises up to 20 to 35 degrees (65 to 90 F), the paint can crack. Summers in Perth are quite hot and dry. Though there is little rainfall, the temperature ranges between 17.5 to 30 °C, making it unsuitable for painting exteriors.

Taking all the various factors into consideration, spring or fall is the best time to paint a house exterior in Perth.

The weather during this period is never extreme; the temperatures are moderate. In fact, most painters will only agree to take on a project when it’s the rainy season because the substrates need to be completely dry.

It’s also an issue if there is too much wind because it might result in overspray. Fall is typically breezy, so spring is often considered more ideal. Or a less windy day in autumn will do too.

In conclusion, while interior painting time doesn’t matter much, fall and spring are the best for painting your exteriors.

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