Need Ideas for Geometric Paint Designs on Commercial Space? Try These Inspiring Tips and Tricks

Most people paint their commercial spaces with a single, common colour. Different from your home, you can only go over the board with interior design. Simplicity, in general, is preferred to uphold a serious environment suitable for work. But if you like things to be simple, the best solution is to go for geometrical designs for your walls.

Geometrical designs and patterns are simple, making simplicity thrive more. It’s also perfectly suitable for a commercial space. Since human minds love seeing patterns, a geometrically designed work environment will promote a better mood. This article will share some tips and tricks you can try out for your next commercial project.

Pick colours that complement the workplace

Before you decide on the shapes and designs, the first thing you must choose is the colours. Most people choose two colours, one for the overall background and another for the shapes. If you do the same, you should choose two colours that go well together.

There should be a notable difference in the shade of the colours so that the shapes stand out. For example, light grey and dark grey. But these aside, you should pick a colour that will go with the mood of the work that will be carried out in the commercial space. If it’s an active job, colours like red and orange are energizing. If it’s calmer, like a desk job, blues and greys will be appropriate.

Use Borders to Separate Colours

If you’re using two or more colours for the geometrical shapes in the design, then separating them with a border of a different colour often gives it a more detailed look. If the colours are dark, like black, brown, or gray, then bordering them with white can look good. On the other hand, if the colours are brighter, like pink, yellow, and white, you can order them with darker, complementary colours. Bordering highlights each of the shapes and makes them more distinct.

Choose the Level of Complexity of the Design

With geometrical designs, you have a lot of freedom when choosing the complexity of the design. You could choose a single shape and make them repeat all over a wall, or they could overlap with each other and other shapes several times. Different walls may have different shapes.

With commercial spaces, most people prefer a manageable amount of complexity. It’s important to keep in mind that the more complex the design is, the more expensive it will be. So choosing something that looks good as well as is affordable will be wise.

For Asymmetrical Designs, Use Multiple Colours

Symmetrical designs look better with two or three colours. But to make your asymmetrical designs shine, using as many colours as you can gives the space a colourful, gorgeous look. You can fill up each shape with different colours and create a pattern within that if you want. Or it could be random. Either way, you’ll see the magic when it’s done.

Geometrical shapes let you become super creative with interior design. Make sure to make your commercial space look exciting; try these designs out!

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