Choose the Best Roof Paint for Your Beloved Home in Perth

The roof of your house is the part that will come into the most contact with external conditions. As a result, it is more likely to get damaged faster than the other parts.

If you’re careless with the paint coating you choose for your roof, you might need to do repairs and repainting multiple times a year. If you leave it be for a long time, then the worst-case scenario is that it might start affecting the ceiling of your house too.

Moreover, the roof constitutes a major portion of the outer appearance of your house. Surely you want it to look the best out of all the ones in your neighborhood! That’s why it’s important to choose the best paint for your roof when painting your house. If you’re a resident of Perth, Australia, then keep reading this article to find out the best paints for your house’s roof.

How to choose the best paint for your roof?

Choosing the most popular or expensive paint on the shelf will not get you too far. There are factors you have to take into consideration. For example –

The weather conditions: The climate of your home location is the most important factor. How much rain, snow, sunlight, and wind the place gets will determine which paint is most appropriate. Perth sees dry summers and rainy winters, showing extreme temperatures that can affect the roof paint greatly.

● Type of roof: Is your roof concrete tiled, colorbond, metallic, terracotta, or something else? Whichever material your roof is made of will determine which coating you need and which paint is best.

● Budget: It’s always good to get what’s the best and most durable for your house, but you will have options with varying prices. Whichever is most suitable for your budget is the best one. You should only settle for the cheapest one because it’s available, and you should settle for an extremely expensive one only because it’s the most expensive.

Which paints are best for house roofs in Perth?

While there are many famous paint brands out there in Australia, two, in particular, stand out for professionals in Perth. They are-

● Dulux: Dulux paints is a water-based paint brand suitable for all types of roofs. It can provide maximum adhesion properties, making your roof protected against the harsh weather conditions of Perth. Dulux Acra-tex roof coating is often recommended by painters. The paint is acrylic, with multiple coatings for waterproofing and weathering resistance.

Nutech: Nutech is considered a standard in roof coating performance in Australia. The paint has outstanding durability and colour retention properties. The NTX Cool Zone is an advanced development of Nutech Paints that is often recommended by developers. This acrylic polymer roof paint is perfect for Perth, with self-cleaning ability, fade-resistance, and reflective pigments. It is also highly resistant to chemicals, UV light, and heat.

Choosing the best paint for your roof isn’t too hard; you just need to research and take the advice of professionals. Ensuring the best paint for your roof will also ensure the best look for your beloved home.

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