Best Metallic and Powder Coating Systems for Industrial Painting Services

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Industrial painting services can be used to paint garages, warehouses, and storage rooms, among other places. Metallic and powder coatings are suitable for various materials and applications, including metals and glass.

This post looks at Australia’s best metallic and powder coating systems for industrial painting services. For more information, keep reading.

Powder Coating

Beyond Australia’s borders, powder coating has become a multibillion-dollar industry. It is daily, including everything from heavy machinery to home goods and automobiles. Protection and fashion are the two factors that contribute to its appeal.

It is a flexible, strong, and highly protective coating technique; none of these qualities come at the expense of an aesthetic appeal. Because there are so many different colours and finishes to choose from, your project will look and function exactly how you want it to.

The Best Types of Powder Coatings

For powder coatings, there are literally tens of thousands of distinct uses. Industrial painting is ideal for powder coating, which is typically used on metals.

We could go on and on about the superior scratch resistance, toughness, and hardness of conventional liquid paints, but let’s look at some of the best powders used to attain these qualities.


The first powders with a large user base were epoxies. As a result, they have possibly the strongest chemical and corrosion resistance of all the powders now on the market, are incredibly robust and have exceptional hardness. Another advantage of this powder type is its ease of use and availability in various cure schedules.

Polymer-Epoxy Hybrids

Hybrids made of epoxies and polyesters are frequently combined. These hybrids can withstand the weather better than pure epoxies, but they are still very similar to them. You can mix these hybrids in different ways to bring out the best of either polyester or epoxy. Compared to straight epoxy, polyester will increase resistance to overbaking and make layers that are very smooth and thin.


The most popular powders are polyesters, which are also very affordable. The two forms of polyester powder that are most frequently used are TGIC (tri glycidyl isocyanurate) and non-TGIC, also referred to as TGIC-free or occasionally as “Primid.” Both polyesters with and without TGIC have strong chemical and mechanical properties, such as being very flexible and resistant to impact.


The curing agent is the only chemical distinction between polyesters and urethanes. Urethanes are great for things like fuel tanks because they have a very smooth finish, are very durable on the outside, and are resistant to chemicals and corrosion. Other frequent applications include air conditioners, automobile rims, doorknobs, and agricultural machinery.

What Is a Metallic Coating?

Metallic coatings are made of metal or metal alloys. Metallic coatings can be applied physically, electrochemically, chemically, or with the help of a sprayer. These coatings are used on machinery that needs to be glossy or polished and shielded from sunlight, corrosion, and oxidation.

The Finest Metallic Coating Types for Industrial Painting

There are different ways to coat metal surfaces, and each one has its own benefits and drawbacks. We’ll look in-depth at some of the most popular kinds of metal coatings in the sections that follow.


Anodizing is a process that helps form an oxide layer on the surface of a metal to protect it. The oxide layer that forms as a result usually forms faster and is thicker than it would be if living things made it.


GalvanizingFor galvanizing, the metal, usually steel or iron, is put into a bath of molten zinc. When the coating is taken off, it reacts with oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air to form a protective layer of zinc carbonate.

Powder Coating

As the name suggests, powder coating entails covering an object with a material made of powder. It is an electrostatic method in which the electrically charged coating particles have polarities that are the opposite of those of the part to be coated.

Paint Coating

In essence, applying liquid paint results in a painted layer. It is the most cost-effective and readily available type of coating. Depending on the type of metal, the working environment, and the performance needs, there are different ways to make paint. Alternative coating techniques for industrial purposes are gradually replacing paint coatings.

Bottom Line

● When applied correctly, metal and powder coatings can both be useful in extending the service life of various metal assets. Industrial painting is a highly specialized procedure, and this article has discussed the best metallic and powder coating systems for industrial painting services.

● The local subsidiaries of the biggest international businesses dominate the Australian paint and coatings market. And for contemporary industrial painting, the coating is crucial. We think this article will serve you.

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