5 Key Signs That You Should Paint Your Industrial Warehouse

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Everyone praises industrial coating systems for how durable and long-lasting they are, which is absolutely true, but even industrial coating has its limits, especially in warehouses, where there are more scopes for different types of pollution leading to damage. That’s why using an industrial coating doesn’t mean being completely free of a headache. You’ll still have to maintain it once in a while. The question is, “when?”

There are some obvious signs that can help you know when to call in your industrial painting contractor again. In this article, we will share five such signs.

Staining and growth of molds on walls

The mold on your walls that you are probably ignoring is a sign of serious water damage. This water damage is caused by water condensation or moisture build-up inside the walls.

This can lead to various problems like fungal growth, which can eventually damage your products or equipment. It can lead to cold spots and of course, premature paint failure. So when you see even the smallest growth of mold, you should know it’s time for a paint job.

Evident deterioration in the coating system

Even if you used the best coating when you first painted the warehouse, it would eventually deteriorate. A warehouse is a place that is constantly subjected to high temperatures, pollutants, chemicals, and high humidity levels, which affect the coating system, leading it to fade, crack, and fall off.

Eventually, the damage in the coating can lead to the destruction of the integrity of the substrate. So getting it painted and coated again is a must.

Deterioration of the floor markings

The floor coating of an industrial warehouse isn’t there only for appearance; rather, it serves various purposes. It protects your substrate against destruction from environmental factors and promotes a safer working environment for your employees. But since it will be worked on so much, it will obviously face deterioration.

Signs of this damage will be obvious. Salt crystallization, cracking, and concrete spalling are some symptoms you can look out for.

Any kind of exterior damage

These will catch your eye immediately. Is the color of the paint fading? Or is it peeling off? There might be signs of flaking and efflorescence, maybe even hairline cracking. None of these give your warehouse a good appearance. But more importantly, these can also be the first signs of more serious damage if left untreated.

Water infiltration, pest infestation, and mold formation are some of the eventual outcomes of these external damages. It’s important to find out the root cause of it and fix it before doing the paint job again.

Corrosion and rusting of metals

If your industrial warehouse has metal siding, there is another sign you should watch out for. Like all metals out there, coming into constant contact with atmospheric oxygen can cause corrosion and rust. This can slowly but surely damage your siding to a great extent. To restore it to its original condition, repainting it is the only option.

Noticing these signs doesn’t require great observation skills. And if you manage to notice them quickly, it will save you loads of costs in the long run.

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