How to keep your business open when its being painted?

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Giving a fresh coat of paint to your business will not only make things look good, but it will also be helpful to show your customers that you care a lot about the details. A well-maintained business place updated in the new colors and styles by painters in Perth inspires your clients’ confidence and trust.

You have to understand that painting and remodeling or any other necessary work on the building at the same time can be disruptive for the day-to-day operations. Therefore, it is not difficult to put it off or consider closing down while painting or any remodeling is taking place.

You should not despair and put it off because, with some careful planning, you can still meet your business and meet the needs of your customers throughout the repaint or any other necessary maintenance work in your building.

  • Set up zones

It depends on your business’s size, but you can break up the area into different zones so that only one place of your business is painted or remodeled at a time. This will make it easier to move the office equipment for a day, divert the foot traffic for some days, or use a different entrance for some time. Without zones, the whole area can be chaotic.

  • Negotiate workable hours

If your business doesn’t remain open 24/7 or slower hours of the day, you can ask the painting or maintenance contractor to work during the closed or slow hours. If you are running an office with many employees, you can ask the contractor to work on the weekend when all your employees are at home.

  • Communicate

You can use various forms of communication to notify the ones who will be affected by the disruption. You can email the employees, inform them in the weekly staff meeting, and post signs around the office to remind the people of when the painting or maintenance work will start.

  • Install containment barriers

Another option is to use the right barriers to keep the air quality appropriate. This can be done for those people who will be in a particular area. You can also communicate with your contractor about what can be used.

  • Make an unoccupied zone

If there is available space, you can create a zone that will go unoccupied between the business and construction. This will keep the air quality protected, lower noise, and will generally generate fewer disturbances for your customers and employees.

  • Handle complaints

You will have complaints, and therefore, you need to have a plan ready to handle them. A prompt and professional response to a customer will make them realize that their input is valuable, and it will likely bring them back for more business in the future. You can appoint one person as the contact to handle this correctly.

Bottom Line

As a business owner, it is only you who know the importance of repainting and maintaining an attractive office. When it is time to repaint the exterior or interior by painters in Perth WA, the project can quickly become a logistical nightmare for you. Closing a business is impractical when you hire professional painters WA. These professionals are experienced in commercial projects know how to create a safe working environment by minimizing inconvenience.

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